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Welcome to EMMA MONE AND SONS GREECE webpage, I am the Chairman of this great dynamic organization here in Athens the capital city of Greece. Our organization's missions, visions and goals is to bring together all Nigerians living in Greece and other European State in an atmospheric conditions of good living, foster unite among Nigerians, Greeks and Europeans, contribute in "Re-branding the Nation", protect the image and interests of our nation Nigeria and to encourage the less privilege among Nigerians living in Europe about their self reliance.

I will like to encourage you to take most of your valuable time on our website contributing to our organization's development and growths. On this website, you will find details on how to help us with our visions, important information that will help you know more about Nigerians living in Europe (Diaspora) and Nigeria as a Nation, Issues affecting foreign nationals in Greece, Members and Citizen's Guide.

We are organization who trust in our Achievements and share our Success with others both in our mission and accomplishments. The seat of our organization has recently be relocated from189, Agiou Meletiou to 38A, Vouliagmenis Avenue in the capital city of Greece with long term plans of expanding to all Major cities in Greece and European States.We are nonprofit/nongovernmental organization (NGO) but more generally economic at the significance of the article provision which consists of activities for Human Right, Environment, Culture, Employment, Social Solidarity, Humanitarian Assistance, Education and Training, Protection of Human life and Dignity in all ways and Solidarity is a link of Cooperation and Communication for all.

 Once again welcome and enjoy your stay with EMMA MONE AND SONS GREECE {EMSGR}. I will like to hear from you about our operations and activities. should you have any question about us or what you want to bring to our knowledge, please kindly send your views directly to me by clicking here

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